Classes with Pro Bodies Health and Fitness

Cardio Dance

Do you "dread the tread"? Try Cardio Dance! Dynamic dance moves to high energetic music that's sure to work you into a self paced sweat. This will keep you moving and grooving, working the whole body and core.


Cardio Dance and Pump

Groove and move to 30 minutes of cardio dance and 30 minutes of abs and strength training. Let the music move you.


Ashtanga Yoga

This ancient and graceful flowing practice will get you super fit, increase life energy and bring about a sense of sweaty bliss and deep peace. The Ashtanga system is taught as set series, to progressively open the body and heal.


Structural Yoga

Structural Yoga works with your spine, shoulders and hips to improve your yoga practice or to lessen postural aches and pains this class is for you.


Yoga Flow

This class will consist of various sequences or physical yoga postures that will flow from one move to the next. These flowing moves will strengthen the body to relax the mind.


ABC - All Body Conditioning

This class will challenge the entire body. Join us for an hour of cardio intervals, strength training and core stability. Weights, resistance tubing, body bars, medicine balls and fit balls will be used to heighten the workout.


Metabolic Taining

Train the joes like the pros! A combination of speed, core strength and power. TRX, sleds and prowlers balanced into a single workout to create an exciting, intense, and motivating atmosphere that is designed to challenge and inspire the athlete within every individual!

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